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ASB and Saatchi New Zealand Launch Snapchat ‘Snap Scholarships’

Monday, January 26th, 2015

ASB Snapchat

Following on from a series of successful social campaigns on Facebook (Like Loan) and LinkedIn (Ambition), ASB has launched its next social instalment, this time on Snapchat, further cementing their position as New Zealand’s most social bank.

The ASB Snap Scholarships campaign created by Saatchi & Saatchi NZ is designed to engage with tertiary students and apprentices on a platform they love using. The campaign will both entertain and reward followers while opening up a line of communication for them to connect with ASB to talk about their banking.

Saatchi & Saatchi’s Senior Digital Strategist, Ian Hulme said: “We already know that students are a notoriously hard audience to reach and they are numb to any media channel being used traditionally. So it wasn’t enough to just be ‘where the kids are’, we needed to do something authentic and entertaining, and most importantly, be true to the platform.”

Each week a series of scholarship challenges that have fun with Snapchat functionality will be released under the My Story section. From Snapchat users are directed to a purpose built, mobile optimised website,, to submit their answer and contact details – those who do so will be in with a chance to win anything from McDonalds and Spotify vouchers to festival tickets, PlayStation 4 consoles and iPhone 6 handsets.

“At ASB we are committed to communicating with our customers in the channels that are most relevant to them in their daily lives,” says ASB’s Head of Brand and Retail Marketing Shane Evans. “Snapchat is an exciting social media platform and is a unique opportunity to re-engage with tertiary students across the country as they enter the next phase of their financial lives.”

In addition to these weekly prizes, every individual challenge entered correctly also gains one entry into a draw to win the grand scholarship of $10,000 cash. This will be deposited into an ASB Tertiary account, which the winner can put towards their tuition fees or apprenticeship set-up costs.

The heroes of the campaign are cute Snapchat finger characters who deliver messages in both Snapchat and throughout supporting media, acting as quirky and likeable guides through the competition.

‘Snap Scholarships’ will be promoted over an 11-week period through a series of online and pre-roll videos, Spotify and Pandora activity, Radio on air ad-libs and Facebook promotions, encouraging people to add “ASBBank” on Snapchat.

Does Purpose Pay?

Monday, January 19th, 2015

Does Purpose Pay?

Image source:

This post was written by Janisa Parag, Senior Brand Strategist at Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand. It first appeared on 

New Zealand retail giant,The Warehouse has recently announced it would stop selling all R18 games, a move that has surprised both share-holders and commentators alike. Chief Executive Mark Powell removed R18 games and DVDs from its 92 Warehouse and 77 Noel Leeming stores last month after concern over controversial scenes in the latest edition of Grand Theft Auto. Powell said the decision was driven by the company’s guiding principles and purpose, which include “making New Zealand a better place to live”

The Warehouse move was significant, because it put people before profits. The decision to pull R18 games from their shelves will reportedly cost the company in the region of $1 million. Alongside this, in August, The Warehouse also announced that it would introduce a ‘living wage’ for 4,100 of its retail staff, going above and beyond the legally required minimum, and guaranteeing an hourly rate of at least $18.50, at a cost of $6 million dollars to their business. But will these choices really prove to be expensive decisions for the retailer? Or will the fact that The Warehouse has remained true to their higher company purpose, deliver greater returns for the brand in the long term?

Research on the world’s 50 fastest growing brands, by Procter & Gamble’s former Global Marketing Officer, Jim Stengel, found a cause-and-effect relationship between a brand’s ability to serve a higher purpose and its financial performance. Identified in his book Grow, Stengel published a list of 50 brands, which have built the deepest relationships with customers while achieving the greatest financial growth from 2001-2013. Furthermore, investment in these companies known as ‘the Stengel 50’ would have proven 400% more profitable over the last decade than an investment in the S&P 500.

The research also identified that the fastest growing 50 brands touch on five fundamental human values:

  • Impacting Society: Affecting society broadly, from challenging the status quo to redefining categories.
  • Evoking Pride: Giving people increased confidence, strength, security and vitality.
  • Enabling Connection: Enhancing the ability of people to connect with each other and the world in meaningful ways.
  • Inspiring Exploration: Helping people explore new horizons and new experience.
  • Eliciting Joy: Activating experiences of happiness, wonder, and limitless possibilities.

Prior to the Global Financial Crisis, it seemed that all a brand had to do was focus on increasing profitability, no matter the cost. These days, people are far more discerning about when and how often they spend. To secure their share of wallet in a post GFC world, brands need to be able to demonstrate more than just an ability to ‘take costs down’ and have a clear purpose that goes beyond ‘selling more stuff’. Brands need to stand for something customers actually care about and then tangibly demonstrate that they share the same ideals as their consumers. If they can achieve this, then as Stengel’s research suggests, their customers will return the favour.

Time will tell if The Warehouse’s customers will do the same. Whatever the outcome, Powell’s decisions to stay true to purpose over short-term profit, is a bold and positive move for our market.

Saatchi NZ and ASB Bank Present the Best Ball Boys in the World

Thursday, January 8th, 2015

ASB Bank is celebrating its love of tennis by finding the best ball boys in the world for the ASB Classic international tennis tournament in Auckland, New Zealand. And who loves tennis balls more than Venus Williams? The answer may surprise you. Venus Williams takes on Svetlana Kuznetsova in an exhibition match like no other, ably assisted by three of the world’s biggest tennis (ball) fans: Oscar, Ted and Super Teddy.

Saatchi & Saatchi ECD Corey Chalmers said: “Dogs, tennis balls and global tennis stars. Surprisingly, a combination that hasn’t been put together before, something that Venus herself commented on when the dogs came out. Naturally we had a lot of fun making this and having Venus and Svetlana involved was a wonderful bonus for ASB and ourselves. We hope people will love this simple, charming idea as much as we do.”

About the ASB Classic and ASB’s love of tennis

ASB Bank has an enduring involvement with tennis in New Zealand as the major sponsor of the ASB Classic for 19 years. From helping to develop the ASB Tennis Arena in Stanley St Auckland, sponsoring regional tennis and the development of young players, to playing a part in ensuring some top seeded women tennis players appear at tournaments in New Zealand, ASB does it all for the love of tennis.

The 2015 ASB Classic is set to be the most anticipated one yet. Held over six days and featuring global superstars like Venus Williams, Caroline Wozniacki, up and coming star Sloane Stephens and the world number one doubles pair of Sara Errani and Roberta Vinci.

Executive Creative Directors: Corey Chalmers & Guy Roberts
Creatives: Thomas Marcusson, Phil Hickes, Antony Wilson
Senior Designers: Chris Leskovsek & Ross Davis
NZ Director of Operations: Heath Davy
TV Producer: Josh Forsman
Studio Manager: Tias Somers
Business Director: Teresa Davis
Senior Account Director: Michael Wood
Account Director: Campbell McLean
Production Company: Augusto
Director: Michelle Walshe
Executive Producer: Cass Avery
Technical Director: Leon Kirkbeck
Line Producer: Monique Nielsen
Senior Editor: Mariano Segedin
Music & Sound Design: Franklin Road
Sound Designer: Shane Taipari
Agency PR: Isobel Kerr-Newell
Event PR: Anthem

Head of Brand & Retail Marketing: Shane Evans
Brand Manager: Bianca Osborne
ASB Social media: Bhavika Rambhai

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Terry Williams-Willcock Appointed Digital Creative Director At Saatchi New Zealand

Wednesday, January 7th, 2015

Terry William-Willcock

Terry Williams-Willcock has been appointed Digital Creative Director at Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand, further strengthening digital capabilities across the agency. He will lead a 22-strong digital department of coders, producers, UX designers and developers, alongside Lorraine Guerin, Director of Digital Production.

“One of our first initiatives as new ECDs was to find the right kind of leadership for our digital offering. Terry’s the perfect creative mind for the type of work we’re developing these days, whether it be digital experiences with depth, innovative storytelling, or genuinely useful apps. He’s a rare breed that can balance digital complexities with broader strategic thinking. He sees past a lot of surface ‘digi-fizz’ solutions and offers much more substance of thought and care for real business problems,” said joint ECD, Corey Chalmers.

Joint ECD, Guy Roberts added: “With clients like ASB already innovating with us on digital initiatives such as ‘Like Loan’; the New Zealand Defence Force using mobile apps like ‘Force-Fit’ for recruitment and some more exciting mobile work coming up with DB, we’re really proud of the integrated work coming out of the agency. We’re looking forward to partnering with Terry to help us take the work to the next level and deliver even more potent, effective ideas for our clients in the digital space.”

Terry joins Saatchi & Saatchi on February 2nd from the Clemenger network, where he has been for the last 10 years. Originally based in Wellington, he spearheaded the digital offering at Aim Proximity for clients including Telecom, TVNZ, Toyota, Royal New Zealand Air Force, IAG, Vodafone, and New Zealand Post. In 2011 he moved to Auckland to drive digital creative for the Colenso/Proximity companies, where he worked on award-winning and much loved campaigns like Westpac – ‘Impulse Saver’, BNZ – ‘Be Good With Money’, ‘Emotion Scan’ and Monteith’s – ‘Meat Pack Hunt’ for DB Breweries. Terry started out his career as an interactive designer in the UK, including stints at Arawak Interactive Marketing collaborating with Saatchi & Saatchi London, BBH, Craik Jones, and working directly with Sony Europe, Microsoft and BP on large-scale digital marketing solutions.

Terry said: “I am bloody excited about the opportunity to help lead the creative digital future for Saatchi & Saatchi NZ, working along side two of New Zealand’s most amazing creatives, Gus and Corey. There’s a really strong culture there, led by Nicky Bell. I feel Saatchi’s are on a roll at the moment with a load of hugely talented people and can’t wait to be part of it.”

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Saatchi & Saatchi NZ Launches Defence Force ‘Force Fit’ Campaign

Friday, November 7th, 2014

To help new recruits get ‘Force-Fit’ in preparation for the entry level fitness test, the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) and Saatchi & Saatchi have come up with an innovative mobile app packed with training expertise from the armed forces.

The app will also be made available to the public as a free download for both Android, iPhone and in PDF form.

The NZDF is by necessity, one of the country’s fittest organisations.  Despite excellent fitness levels amongst the active members of the armed forces, recruiters around the country have observed a growing number of young New Zealanders, interested in joining the NZDF, not achieving the entry level fitness test.

“Fitness is a really important issue for us,” says the Chief of Defence Force, Lieutenant General (LT Gen) Tim Keating. “On any given day our people might be asked to push themselves and their equipment to their very limits as they respond to a crisis or catastrophe at home or abroad. So it’s something we take seriously and we make sure our people have the support they need to help keep them in top condition.”

“Defence Force personnel are passionate about New Zealand, that’s why they have committed to doing the extraordinary task of serving and working to keep New Zealand secure. We can see that keeping fit and staying healthy is a growing struggle for many New Zealanders, so we felt an obligation to do something that would not only help prepare our recruits, but could also inspire the whole country to join us in making fitness their mission,” says LT GEN Keating.

The ‘Force Fit’ app’s six week programme will help new NZDF recruit candidates get ready to take their initial fitness tests to join the Navy, Army or Air Force. It will also provide support to anyone wanting to improve their fitness levels and get into a good routine. The app is simple to use and is suitable for any fitness level. Best of all, it doesn’t require any expensive equipment or even a gym membership. It offers a back to basics, simple approach that the NZDF use every day to keep their force fit, and now, it’s accessible to all New Zealanders.

Slade Gill, Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand’s Creative Director on the new campaign, commented, “It was important to present the Force Fit app in a way that stayed well clear of military stereotypes – boot camps, drills and all that ‘no pain no gain’ rubbish. This is about a modern, forward-thinking Defence Force sharing their fitness expertise with everyday Kiwis… and doing it in an inclusive, accessible way.”

As part of NZDF’s ongoing ‘Force-Fit’ campaign, a launch video clip, bus adshels, outdoor exercise events and ambient signage will also be appearing around the country from today to help encourage the nation to get outdoors and get active, with the support of the app. NZDF Physical Training Instructors (PTIs) will also be on hand at theFidelity Life Corporate Challenge series of events taking place in Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland this month.

Download the ‘Force-Fit’ app on Google play or App Store.

Watch the “Ambush” launch video clip.

Turning Risk To Your Advantage In A VUCA World

Tuesday, November 4th, 2014

VUCA World

This article is by Murray Streets, Director of Strategy, Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand, and was originally published in the National Business Review (NBR).

We’re lucky enough to be living in the world’s ‘rock star’ economy, with a stronger primary sector, migration inflows strong and the (Auckland) housing market up. And judging by the key indicators this confidence is set to remain in the short to medium term.

Yet talking to colleagues and peers, the marketing communications business seems tougher than ever. To borrow a term from the US Military, marketers are operating in a ‘VUCA’ world – volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. Budgets are tight and decision-making is becoming ever more laboured. It’s a paradox that in the ‘always on’ age of now, many in the industry are feeling a loss of momentum and an increasing aversion to risk.

This hesitancy in our industry seems to stem from two factors. First, there’s often confusion about changing consumer behaviour. Where are our audiences (really) and how do we best engage with them in a post digital era? Secondly, if we’re completely honest, client-agency relationships aren’t always set up to face the challenges a world like this throws at businesses. While the pressure to deliver in the short term intensifies, longer-term focus on brand building and the partnership this requires can actually weaken.

Here are five ways to navigate risk and forge stronger marketing partnerships.

1. Seek genuine revelations
Insights aren’t what they used to be. Most are observations or facts, not uncomfortable truths or revelations that brands and business can create value by solving. Marketing risk increases when we rest on assumptions or don’t challenge ourselves to look at things afresh. It often said that we should make things people want rather than relying on advertising to make people want things.

2. Foster a culture of provocation and disruption
It’s a truth today that businesses fail when the pace of change outside them out-strips the pace of change inside. Think Blockbuster Video, the music industry or more recently taxi companies. Businesses must disrupt themselves before competitors or other forces do. As Christopher Luxon, CEO of Air New Zealand recently stated: You have to decide to happen to your future rather than letting your future happen to you.

3. Model collaboration
Collaboration doesn’t happen by itself. It requires clients to lead by example. We’ve found our best work comes when clients themselves help orchestrate the specific strengths of their agencies to implement a bold idea together. It’s real time, face-to-face collaboration, that’s about getting down in the trenches and away from the “us and them” mentality.

Without this, client-agency teams can sometimes end up behaving more like primary school kids chasing a soccer ball, than truly effective marketing partners. Interestingly in recent global surveys, clients complain that they struggle to get effective integration from their agencies. It’s no surprise when partners are constantly pitted against each other and allowed to cross-pitch on projects.

4. Prototyping beats perfection
All bold solutions come with risk. We simply don’t always know exactly how we’ll implement and execute when the idea is first presented. Don’t shy away from this, but embrace it. Treat the idea as a prototype, sharing and co-creating it with consumers and clients along the way. That’s where trusted partnerships kick-in as agencies bring their specific skillsets to bear on turning the blueprint of an idea into a compelling experience for the consumer.

5. Use evidence-based best practice
In order to navigate the flurry of last minute concerns, executional curve balls and question marks from the broader business it’s important to set out a clear, evidence based vision at the very outset for how marketing will add value to the business. The good news is that thanks to the work of Peter Field, Les Binet, Byron Sharp et al, we know more than ever about how marketing and communications can effectively build brands and drive hard business results.

In this VUCA world, risk is all around us. It’s not going anywhere. But we can choose how we mitigate that risk. Demand revelations, encourage provocation, model collaboration, treat your work as a prototype and educate your business on marketing best practice. By adopting these behaviours, you can confidently embrace risk and turn it to your advantage.

Image source: flickr/silverstack

Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand Triumphs at Effectiveness Awards

Wednesday, October 15th, 2014

NZ Effies

Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand has won the coveted ‘Grand Effie’ at the New Zealand Effectiveness Awards for DB Breweries – Tui ‘Catch a Million’ campaign.

The agency was also awarded two golds, three silvers and two bronzes for campaigns with clients DB, ASB and the New Zealand Defence Force.

On top of this, Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand’s client DB was named ‘Most Effective Client’ of the Year.

All of these accolades combined meant that Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand was the second most awarded agency of the night.

CEO, Nicky Bell, said: “What an incredible night for the agency and our client partners ASB, NZDF and of course the Grand Effie winner DB Breweries. I’m so proud of our collective teams for the enormous hard work that went into making these campaigns not only effective but also creatively strong and shareable. As always, strong partnerships drive strong results for all. We’re thrilled.”

Director of Strategy, Murray Streets added: “None of this would have been possible without our courageous clients, so a big thanks to all of them for their support and vision in bringing these ideas to life. Congratulations also to all our fellow EFFIE award winners for their ongoing contribution to the strong, vibrant industry we have here.”

Read the StopPress coverage of the Effies: ‘Effies 2014: FCB declared most effective agency of the year, Saatchi stages a comeback’

Full EFFIE results:

  • Grand Effie – TUI Catch a Million – Gold
  • Most Effective Digital/ Social Media Campaign – ASB Like Loan – Silver
  • Best Strategic Thinking – New Zealand Defence Force Officer Recruitment – Silver
  • Best Strategic Thinking – ASB Like Loan – Bronze
  • Most Effective PR/ Experiential Campaign – TUI Catch a Million – Gold
  • Consumer Services – ASB Like Loan – Bronze
  • Fast moving Consumer Goods – TUI Catch a Million – Gold
  • Social Marketing – Public Service – New Zealand Defence Force Officer Recruitment – Silver
  • Most Effective Client of the Year – DB Breweries – Gold

ASB Launches Money Conversations Campaign From Saatchi & Saatchi NZ

Monday, September 8th, 2014

ASB has launched a new marketing campaign that acknowledges the truth of how many people feel about managing their money, and aims to make it easier by highlighting a range of products, services and practical money tips.

Saatchi & Saatchi ECD Corey Chalmers said: “People don’t talk about banking. They talk about money, and usually their difficulties with it. ASB respectfully understands its role in people’s lives, and we wanted to reflect that in funny yet relatable conversations about money – so people can say ‘I’ve had that chat.’ We wanted people to feel they’d dropped in on a scene from a film, not a hard sell ad. They do resolve in product solutions, but it’s unobtrusive, useful and simple.”

Building on ASB’s reputation as New Zealand’s most social bank, a raft of useful and entertaining content has been created for online, with the unique feature of directing viewers to access further information-based content on ASB’s YouTube channel – saving tip videos providing practical advice on how to save, budget, reduce debt, invest, pay off a mortgage faster, plan for retirement, use money on the go, as well as practical information on how mortgages and credit cards work.

Joint ECD Guy Roberts said “ASB knows where its customers are these days – online, watching YouTube, checking their LinkedIn connections, dual screening during the ad breaks or starting the day on Facebook. So that’s what our activity is primed for – yes we have TV executions but we have longer form versions exclusively for online, and we’re using YouTube as our primary channel. It’s the kind of thinking you’d expect from a progressive bank like ASB.”

“We understand our customers want us to be useful and to create experiences for them that fit into the slipstream of their daily routine, because the last thing you should have to worry about in your busy lives is managing your money,” says Anna Curzon, ASB’s General Manager of Marketing. “We’re committed to making banking with ASB an effortless experience so people can succeed on with whatever matters most to them.”

“We wanted to recognise that conversations about money exist in the daily lives of many New Zealanders and wanted to reassure them that ‘it’s okay, here’s something that might help’. We have been really delighted with Saatchi along with our other partners Carat, TRA and Search Republic who have worked with us collaboratively to produce the next exciting phase of Succeed On.”

The campaign will include digital, social, TV, outdoor, radio and in branch.

This follows ASB’s ‘Ambition’ initiative for business customers that launched last month, which saw all advertising invite businesses to join ASB on LinkedIn. The platform offers businesses access to an ongoing programme of content, with business insights, case studies, reports, local and global thought leadership. As part of this ongoing programme, ASB will also be hosting a series of exclusive events with global entrepreneur and business leader, Arianna Huffington in Auckland this Friday.

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